Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

NPCC training on 13 January 2017

There will be NPCC Practice on Friday,13 January 2017

Please refer to the programme as follows:
LevelActivityTimeVenueAttireAction By
AllAttendance Taking14.25-14.30School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec 1CCA trial14.30-17.30School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec 2Revision on foot drill14.30-16.15School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec  3Rifle drill14.30-15.30School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec 3WOC15.30-16.15School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec 4(Selected)Conduct CCA trial14.30-17.30School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
Sec 4Drills14.30-16.15School PremisesHalf UUL/AUL/SL
AllPT16.15.17.15School PremisesPT kitUL/AUL/SL
AllDebrief17.15-17.20Pond areaAs per last attireUL/AUL/SL
AllBersurai17.20-17.25Pond AreaAs per last attireUL/AUL/SL

Attendance is compulsory.

All cadets who are absent from the previous session are reminded to submit their Medical Certificate or Parents' letter of excuse to the Teachers-in-charge.

(NPCC) SGT Nafees Abdul Kader

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