Monday, 24 July 2017

NPCC training on 25 July 2017

There will be NPCC Practice on Tuesday,25 July 2017

Please refer to the programme as follows:
LevelActivityTimeVenueAttireAction By
Sec 1 and 2Attendance Taking14.25-14.30School PremisesHalf UTO
Sec 1Prep for Promotion Test14.30-17.15School PremisesHalf UTO
Sec 2Prep for CSSP Exhibition14.30-16.00School PremisesHalf UTO
Selected Sec 2 and 3NDP Training15.45-17.15School PremisesHalf UTO
Sec 2PT16.00-17.15USchool PremisesPT kitUL/AUL/SL
Sec 3Attendance Taking15.30-15.45School PremisesHalf-UTO
Selected Sec 2 and 3Drill comp Training15.45-17.15School premisesHalf-UUL/AUL/SL
AllDebrief17.15-17.20Pond AreaAs per last attireUL/AUL/SL
AllBersurai17.20-17.25Pond areaAs per last attireUL/AUL/SL

Attendance is compulsory.

Secondary 1 cadets are to bring their full uniform as part of the preparation for promotion test. 

All cadets who are absent from the previous session are reminded to submit their Medical Certificate or Parents' letter of excuse to the Teachers-in-charge.

CPL (NPCC) Tay Aw Yu

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